woman while vaping

A lot of people use reusable e-cigarette devices now, they are refillable and have replaceable parts, batteries that can be recharged and they’re generally better for the environment because they don’t end up in landfill right away, but that doesn’t mean that disposable e-cigarettes don’t have their place. Disposables tend to be smaller, lighter and cheaper. They might last for only one use, or for a few uses, until the battery runs out and it’s time to throw them away.

Some people scratch their heads about the purpose of disposable e-cigarettes and why anyone would choose to use them over using a reusable device. If you’re wondering why they exist and when they might come in handy, then read on below to find out more.



Disposable e-cigarettes can come in handy when you’re on the move, travelling overseas or boarding a plane, bus or train. Regulations around e-cigs and e-juice can be a bit complicated, especially when travelling overseas so some people choose to take disposable devices with them, rather than risking their more expensive reusable devices being confiscated.

Disposable devices are great to take a long on trips, you don’t risk damaging your normal device and you have a lightweight device that you can pack in your bag and bring a long for your trip.

Disposable devices are perfect for travel; they’re slim, convenient and will last for short trips. You don’t have to worry about protective packaging, or bringing a long e-liquids tanks, or any potential damage to your expensive equipment.

You also don’t need to be concerned about people potentially pick-pocketing your favourite device, or leaving it on the beach, or in the hotel safe. We tend to move around a lot on holidays, so it’s easy to accidentally lose valuable items – devices that you can forget and throw away will give you peace of mind whilst you enjoy a break.


New Vapers


If you’re not sure whether or not vaping is your jam just yet then starting with disposable e-cigs is a great way to get a feel for whether or not you enjoy the practice without having to commit to an expensive reusable device or large canisters of e-juice.

Disposable devices let e-cig users try out different flavours and get a feel for vaping, it’s perfect for newcomers as it gives them a chance to see whether they like it before they get started on purchasing any equipment.


Hobbies and activities

If you do any extreme sports or activities, then a disposable e-cig might be for you. A lot of reusable devices aren’t going to hold up if they’re being jostled around a lot or treated poorly, and no one wants to damage their equipment. If you’re into hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, water sports, sky diving or any similarly scary activity then a disposable device will offer you more peace of mind. That way you can bring it along and vape at the top of a mountain, or after a rock climbing session without worrying about any damage.

Whilst a lot of avid vapers will usually end up purchasing a reusable device, disposable devices can come in handy in certain situations and are great when you don’t want to risk the damage, loss or theft of your favourite device, or when you want to try out new things before you commit to the cost of a reusable, rechargeable device. It’s important to be conscious of environmental impact though – if you’re a regular user and you’re throwing away disposable e-cigs regularly it’s probably more cost effective, and more responsible to invest in a reusable device.