How To Get Rid Of E-cig Battery In A Responsible Manner

Well, proper battery disposal is an issue most of us forget about when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Well, the numbers will shock you. There are millions of e-cig users across the globe. And they use numerous batteries every year. And most of them don’t dispose the battery in the proper manner. As you can see it can lead to environmental hazards which none of us are ready for yet. As far as batteries are concerned, both replaceable and rechargeable batteries are available in the market today. You will also find disposable batteries. But different e-cigs use different types of batteries. The disposable batteries do not last long. So we all can imagine the number of used batteries over the years. It is a big problem. We have to educate the vapers to get rid of the e-cig battery in a proper and responsible manner. Otherwise it will turn into another environmental abuse story.

Things to keep in mind

  • As far as the batteries available in the market today, you will find most of them to be recyclable.
  • Vapers have this tendency to throw the used batteries in the recycle bin. This is not a good practice at all for plenty of reasons.
  • It is a big challenge to the recycling and waste management businesses out there. People have no clue as how to recycle their vape waste. You are not supposed to mix it with the general waste at all. General waste is meant for landfill and vaping batteries are not supposed to be part of it.
  • Whether it is the mods or vape pens, they all rely on batteries. Some batteries might be long lasting. But at the end of the day, everything comes with an expiry date. You will have dispose it someday.
  • People don’t realize the fact that batteries contain toxicants in high levels. These pollutants can wreck havoc in the environment we live in. We should do something about it before it is too late. Most importantly, it not just targets the vapers. It affects everyone.
  • Some studies revealed that only up to 5% of the batteries were disposed in the proper manner. That sounds horrific. In short, this poison is going to pollute our environment and water bodies.
  • One way to effectively deal with this problem is to let the vaping companies to come up with batteries which are easy to dispose without causing any harm to the environment whatsoever. Well, some companies have started doing it and it is a welcome change.
  • Another solution is to tell the vapers to be more responsible with the vape waste. They should be educated about the proper disposal of vape waste including the batteries. They all talk about the benefits of e-cigs. But none are ready to talk about the environmental damage it causes. It is high time for vapers to be more responsible in this regard.
  • We all deal with this problem in an effective manner if we join hands. Enough efforts have to be made to educate the vapers out there. Once you educate them they will be more responsible.