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Situations Where Disposable E-Cigs Might Come In Handy

A lot of people use reusable e-cigarette devices now, they are refillable and have replaceable parts, batteries that can be recharged and they’re generally better for the environment because they don’t end up in landfill right away, but that doesn’t mean that disposable e-cigarettes don’t have their place. Disposables tend to be smaller, lighter and cheaper. They might last for only one use, or for a few uses, until the battery runs out and it’s time to throw them away.

Some people scratch their heads about the purpose of disposable e-cigarettes and why anyone would choose to use them over using a reusable device. If you’re wondering why they exist and when they might come in handy, then read on below to find out more.



Disposable e-cigarettes can come in handy when you’re on the move, travelling overseas or boarding a plane, bus or train. Regulations around e-cigs and e-juice can be a bit complicated, especially when travelling overseas so some people choose to take disposable devices with them, rather than risking their more expensive reusable devices being confiscated.

Disposable devices are great to take a long on trips, you don’t risk damaging your normal device and you have a lightweight device that you can pack in your bag and bring a long for your trip.

Disposable devices are perfect for travel; they’re slim, convenient and will last for short trips. You don’t have to worry about protective packaging, or bringing a long e-liquids tanks, or any potential damage to your expensive equipment.

You also don’t need to be concerned about people potentially pick-pocketing your favourite device, or leaving it on the beach, or in the hotel safe. We tend to move around a lot on holidays, so it’s easy to accidentally lose valuable items – devices that you can forget and throw away will give you peace of mind whilst you enjoy a break.


New Vapers


If you’re not sure whether or not vaping is your jam just yet then starting with disposable e-cigs is a great way to get a feel for whether or not you enjoy the practice without having to commit to an expensive reusable device or large canisters of e-juice.

Disposable devices let e-cig users try out different flavours and get a feel for vaping, it’s perfect for newcomers as it gives them a chance to see whether they like it before they get started on purchasing any equipment.


Hobbies and activities

If you do any extreme sports or activities, then a disposable e-cig might be for you. A lot of reusable devices aren’t going to hold up if they’re being jostled around a lot or treated poorly, and no one wants to damage their equipment. If you’re into hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, water sports, sky diving or any similarly scary activity then a disposable device will offer you more peace of mind. That way you can bring it along and vape at the top of a mountain, or after a rock climbing session without worrying about any damage.

Whilst a lot of avid vapers will usually end up purchasing a reusable device, disposable devices can come in handy in certain situations and are great when you don’t want to risk the damage, loss or theft of your favourite device, or when you want to try out new things before you commit to the cost of a reusable, rechargeable device. It’s important to be conscious of environmental impact though – if you’re a regular user and you’re throwing away disposable e-cigs regularly it’s probably more cost effective, and more responsible to invest in a reusable device.…

How To Get Rid Of E-cig Battery In A Responsible Manner

How To Get Rid Of E-cig Battery In A Responsible Manner?

Well, proper battery disposal is an issue most of us forget about when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Well, the numbers will shock you. There are millions of e-cig users across the globe. And they use numerous batteries every year. And most of them don’t dispose the battery in the proper manner. As you can see it can lead to environmental hazards which none of us are ready for yet. As far as batteries are concerned, both replaceable and rechargeable batteries are available in the market today. You will also find disposable batteries. But different e-cigs use different types of batteries. The disposable batteries do not last long. So we all can imagine the number of used batteries over the years. It is a big problem. We have to educate the vapers to get rid of the e-cig battery in a proper and responsible manner. Otherwise it will turn into another environmental abuse story.

Things to keep in mind

  • As far as the batteries available in the market today, you will find most of them to be recyclable.
  • Vapers have this tendency to throw the used batteries in the recycle bin. This is not a good practice at all for plenty of reasons.
  • It is a big challenge to the recycling and waste management businesses out there. People have no clue as how to recycle their vape waste. You are not supposed to mix it with the general waste at all. General waste is meant for landfill and vaping batteries are not supposed to be part of it.
  • Whether it is the mods or vape pens, they all rely on batteries. Some batteries might be long lasting. But at the end of the day, everything comes with an expiry date. You will have dispose it someday.
  • People don’t realize the fact that batteries contain toxicants in high levels. These pollutants can wreck havoc in the environment we live in. We should do something about it before it is too late. Most importantly, it not just targets the vapers. It affects everyone.
  • Some studies revealed that only up to 5% of the batteries were disposed in the proper manner. That sounds horrific. In short, this poison is going to pollute our environment and water bodies.
  • One way to effectively deal with this problem is to let the vaping companies to come up with batteries which are easy to dispose without causing any harm to the environment whatsoever. Well, some companies have started doing it and it is a welcome change.
  • Another solution is to tell the vapers to be more responsible with the vape waste. They should be educated about the proper disposal of vape waste including the batteries. They all talk about the benefits of e-cigs. But none are ready to talk about the environmental damage it causes. It is high time for vapers to be more responsible in this regard.
  • We all deal with this problem in an effective manner if we join hands. Enough efforts have to be made to educate the vapers out there. Once you educate them they will be more responsible.
A Guide To Enjoyable Vaping

A Guide To Enjoyable Vaping

Are you looking forward to learn more about effective vaping? Well, you have come to the right place for sure. We are going to help you with the same. We can give the right tips which help you to marginally improve your vaping experience. As far as vaping is concerned, there are different approaches you can take. It will take a while for you to find out the ideal vaping approach for you as it changes from one individual to the other. Standard vaping can be regarded as the most basic style. Then you have advanced styles like temperature control and sub ohm vaping. Last but not least, you may also try herb vaping. Yes, vaping can be enjoyed in many ways. When you begin to unravel the vaping techniques, you will become better at it.

Making vaping an enjoyable process

Well, we are going to help you here to come up with a better decision. You need to get introduced to variety of vaping styles which is going to improve your vaping experience. When you begin to learn more about vaping techniques, you will grow confident. Well, it can be totally overwhelming when you first visit a vape shop online or otherwise. You will be totally wondering as what to do. You will come across devices in all sizes and shapes. You need to get a basic understanding of the whole process before you buy e-cigarettes and e-liquids from a vape shop.

Vaping devices & accessories

First and foremost, you need to get a hang of the vaping devices and accessories, the basic ones. This will get you started. You don’t need to worry as we are here to help you with the same. As far as vaping is concerned, the most things you need are e-cigarette and e-liquid. Let’s learn more below:

  • E-cigarettes – E-cigarettes are also referred to as electronic cigarettes. We can say that it is meant to be an alternative of regular cigarette. However, you should not expect this to provide the exact feeling of cigarette. You will take some time to get used to it. Even though it is meant to replicate the experience of regular cigarette, you will take a while to get accustomed to it. You should be patient with it. The device is also referred to as a vape and e-cig as well. It comes with 3 parts. A battery, atomizer and a tank where you hold e-liquid.
  • Battery – Battery is the most important element next. You get power from the battery. You will mostly find rechargeable batteries in the market. But you can also buy disposable batteries if you prefer it.
  • Atomizer – You will be generating heat in the e-cig from the battery power with the help of an atomizer. A metal coil is referred to as an atomizer here. And you will turn the e-liquid into vapor with the heat generated from this process. It is pretty basic.
  • Cartridge – As we have already mentioned we keep the e-liquid in the tank named cartridge. You can replace it once you are done with it. Or you can easily refill the cartridge as well.
Effective Tips For Proper Vaping

Effective Tips For Proper Vaping

Let’s have look at the most effective tips for proper vaping. If you ask the beginners, most of them will agree to the fact that their initial vaping experience was little underwhelming. Why does this happen? Well, it happens because of the fact that people think that an e-cigarette is a replacement for regular cigarette. Though it is true to some extends, you cannot name it the perfect replacement. May be that is why you tend to be little disappointed. However, you may still achieve the lung hit with the help of an e-cigarette. It is just that little bit of adapting is required here.

If you wish to enjoy the vaping experience then you must put in an effort to do it in the proper manner. This is really important. Most people jump into it with little preparation. May be that is why you feel disappointed in the end. You need to learn the proper way of inhaling it, which is the key to have an enjoyable vaping experience. You also need to find the best e-liquid suited for your needs. All that you need to do is little research. This is definitely going to come in handy.

Choose the right e-liquid

  • When it comes to e-liquids, different types of e-liquids are produced by varying the ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).
  • Well, it is definitely going to take a while before you find the perfect e-liquid for you. In fact, it is a lengthy process to be honest. You should exercise patience for sure.
  • If e-liquid has dominating presence of PG then you can expect a strong, intense flavor. You will enjoy a powerful hit if that is what you prefer.
  • If you wish to have bigger vapor clouds then you need to go for e-liquid with higher percentage of VG in it.
  • You will be able to pick the right one after doing some experimentation. It is definitely going to take a while. You should keep at it until you find it. Most people complain about an underwhelming experience because they don’t have the patience to go through this process. You should not do that.
  • You will notice that the vaping experience has improved tremendously once you have found the right e-liquid that suits your needs.

Primer puff

There is a coil inside the e-cigarette which is instrumental in its working. When you puff, the coil gets heated up, which will convert the e-liquid into vapor. Primer puff is an important element here as it kickstarts the puffing session. Primer puff can be achieved by holding down the button for couple of seconds. Then you need to take few short puffs before you actually start puffing. This is a very important technique which will be really helpful in improving your vaping experience. You should try this if you haven’t already. You will improve your experience as you begin to learn all these small things. These small things can ensure that you have a pleasant experience. It can be little frustrating as a beginner but you should continue to experiment with it.…


Vaping Tips For Beginners

First of all, keep in mind that Vaping contains nicotine, which makes it not a better alternative than smoking cigarettes as they both as addictive are dangerous for teenagers.

The world today is extremely health conscious, and individuals are moving too much healthier methods to live!

More and more cigarette smokers are attempting to move to vape. Moving to vape from smoking cigarettes is consistently difficult anyhow, and picking the best brand name and flavor for yourself is another obstacle that they have to deal with!

Whether you are a beginner in the world of vaping or you have moved to it, here are a couple of ideas that you need to think about:

  • Do not jeopardize on the quality by saving cash!

Among the most typical errors that vapers make is that they believe paying huge dollars for a starter set is excessive! This is really not! This might sound dreadful to a lot of ex-smokers who would previously have their mend for tobacco in merely a couple of dollars.

If you have a frame of mind of conserving some loan while purchasing a starter set or vaping e-liquid or a vaping gadget, then you would wind up vaping on a low-grade product that would ultimately leave you dissatisfied!

Inexpensive vaping gadgets have low-grade clearomizers, and for this reason, the vapers do not get pleased and have their repair for replacing the cigarettes!

  • Vape where you are allowed to!

A lot of individuals that do not smoke do not feel comfy when individuals smoke around them. This is also real and can be used to the non-vaping population!

Much like how we appreciate the non-smokers by no cigarette smoking in public locations, the very same guideline can be followed by the vapers. For those who have currently exposed the place where you can lawfully vape, you can go ahead and vape away!

  • Travel with your products

Make sure you take a trip with a charged battery, some extra coils, and some e-liquids. This is because these products are not quickly available all over, and you would desire to make sure that you can vape whenever you begin getting the desire.

This is the reason you need to make sure that your battery remains in good condition always and if your gadget has an integrated battery, then ensure you bring your charging cable television. Make sure you bring two extra batteries that keep you going if your device runs on power mod.

  • Vaping is NOT cigarette smoking.

For those who believe that moving from cigarette smoking to vaping is simple, know! It isn’t! Vaping is on numerous levels various than smoking cigarettes!

The throat hit, the density, whatever is different when you vape. No matter how much the manufacturers attempt to mimic the taste and flavor of conventional cigarettes, it is somewhat different when you vape.